Arugambay - The Surf Capital of scotland - Sri Lanka

Arugam bay hotels
Surfing is certainly a entertaining and popular sport that needs talent, balance, strength a great deal more of courage. Surfing usually brings pleasure and excitement on the surfers and more importantly the spectators. But it doesn't matter how talented and courageous the surfer gets, there is always one vital need for surfing. That is the picturesque beach using the suitable wave conditions.

Arugam bay hotels

Beaches which are well suited for surfing are not easily found around the globe. The Arugambay beach, situated along the Eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka is called one of several top beaches of the world well suited for surfing. To demonstrate the point, an international surfing contest commenced in Arugambay on the 30th August 2011 with the participation of more than hundred surfers from more than twenty countries around the world.

Tourists are attracted mostly to Arugambay as a result of surfing. But the whole Eastern seaboard has several attractions additionally to the surfing. Pasikudah, Trinkomalee, Kuchchawelli and Nilaweli are some of the other attractions around the area. Tourists will come here to witness the changing attractiveness of the Sri Lankan beaches, the calm and clear lagoons in the area and also to take pleasure in the tropical sun instead of the cold climates of their very own countries.

A large number of areas were isolated due to the war against terrorism for quite some time. As much as it's concerned, Sri Lanka may be the only country on earth, so far, to get eliminated terrorism completely. Most tourists come here to witness the remains of the war around these areas. Further more, you can find lagoon canoe trips and river canoe trips where everyone can take advantage of the beauty of nature after a little hint of chance.

The SLTDA or the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has gotten effective measures to get this paradise from its ashes and develop it perfectly into a road to attractive tourism. Now, you'll find maintained roads and streets, comfortable and modern hotels, and most of the facilities to fulfill a travelers needs. Quite simply, the rapid Sri Lanka real estate developments had brought the infrastructure in the area complete up to the maximum extent.

You can find rumors taking place that there is a railway line along with a highway to Arugambay. Due to the current development sessions, the significance and need for the home in Arugambay is sure to improve. This obviously would narrow in the difficulties with regards to travelling from Colombo to Arugambay. As Arugambay is listed inside the top ten the best option surfing destinations around the globe, there are plenty of surfing action springing up in days to came.